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I had never used pre-workout before, but I started feeling sluggish before and after my workouts. After trying ASCEND, I couldn't believe the difference in my energy levels. Once I started taking it, I felt increased endurance and also hit several PR's in the gym. After taking it on a grueling leg day, I still felt like I could climb a mountain for several hours after my workout. Not only has it drastically improved my energy and performance at the gym, but it also tastes great! Another bonus is the creators of this product genuinely care for their customers. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for lasting energy and enhanced workout performance.

Molly S.

I've been working out now for the last 12 years, and the ASCEND pre-workout by Iron Edge is very impressive. The combination of flavor, energy, pump, and focus, all while containing creatine, makes it an easy go for me. I'll be restocking with them again once I run out!"

Jake E.

I have tried several pre-workouts over the past ten years. Thankfully, I will not have to try any more after getting a hold of ASCEND from Iron Edge. The strawberry lemonade flavor is by far the best I have experienced. No shakes, huge pump (5g of creatine included can't hurt that), energy for longer workouts and also saves you money on alternate creatine purchase. Thank you for finally making a product that hits every desired component so I do not need to sacrifice something as I have for 10 years.

Phil D.

After trying several pre-workout supplements over the years, it's safe to say that I've found the one I'll be sticking with long term. After trying ASCEND several times, I have found that it has provided the increase in focus, energy, and stamina that I'm looking for in a pre-workout supplement. The team at Iron Edge has also perfected the taste of the strawberry lemonade flavor, which is an added bonus to an overall great product. I'm looking forward to using ASCEND and Iron Edge in the future!

Adam G.

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